Starlight Farm

The creative heart of Atlantiko, inspired by the Atlantic, above the clouds on La Palma

A spring morning in Santa Cruz de la Palma - as you do

Waking up here in Santa Cruz with cockerels crowing, the Tenerife night ferry docking into the port, the smell of hot coffee brewing and a sunrise over the horizon... wow! it was all so comforting and familiar, yet glaringly exotic... i had come home, and moreover discovered my culinary style... finally!

The Sea, The Land, & The taste of the Atlantic

We have recently re-branded from LaBritannique to so please bear with us as we get various parts of the sites up and running 100%. Click here to come back to our home page with the current menus.

When we are not working in Brussels or other locations, some of the team like to come back to our creative home at Starlight Farm our cooking school, nerve centre and culinary laboratorio high up in the mountains of La Palma.

We will be posting pictures and info about our events at Starlight Farm and elsewhere, but please bear with us as we get up to speed with all the areas of the site.

In the meantime, come and see what we can offer you at your next event :)

When Brussels allows us some time away, we are busy back in the hearth of Atlantiko's creative energy on the wonderful island of La Palma

Home is where the heart is

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